Terrifier – Weapons of Thrash Destruction

When I reviewed Terrifier’s 2013 EP, Metal or Death, I knew this band would be destine for great things. These Canadians bring a fresh and modern take on a tried and true metal sub genre, thrash. Starting of as Skullhammer in 2003 they released one demo in 2009 and a full length, Destroyers of the Faith, in 2011. Once they made the change to Terrifier in 2012, they did re-release the debut but I would consider their recent 2017 release, Weapons of Thrash Destruction as their proper debut as Terrifier. As I mentioned in my previous review, these guys are the real deal, playing riff laden thrash metal with pummeling aggression but also with tight precision.

In keeping with thrash tradition, the band shows that although their technicality is present throughout the album, they do not take themselves too seriously. The album title is quite silly as is a song like “Drunk as Fuck,” but it is their music that does the talking. Songs like the opener, “Reanimator”, or the crushing “Nuclear Demolisher” show that this band means business. The former is your typical album opener that just kicks your ass coming straight out of the gate. The latter is an amazing thrash tune with pummeling riffs and godly solos. As a matter of fact, the solos on this album are some of the best in metal today. I’m of the belief that the mark of a great thrash album is the guitar work. The riffing must be fast and technical and the solos need to be otherworldly…..and this album excels at both.

A song like “Drunk as Fuck” show that these guys can not take themselves too seriously while still delivering the goods. While it is your typical thrash “drinking” song and possibly the weakest song on the album (although there are no truly weak songs on here) it is quite crushing. The riffing is typical for this type of song but the solos make up for what this song lacks in riffing and seriousness. Once again, on an album that appears to have no weak spots, this may be the lowest point on the album…and if this is the lowest point, I’ll take it.

Back in 2014 I said that this was a band to watch and it appears that I was right. Even the minute and a half instrumental, “Riders of Doom” has a place in this album with it’s slow and clean beginnings it features some shredding solos before it segues into the monster album closer, “Sect of the Serpent.” Clocking in at just under seven minutes, this is one epic thrash metal beast that does not lose you even being slightly longer than what would be considered typical for a song of this genre. The speed, technicality , and slight dose of melody makes this song the perfect album closer.

It’s been a long wait but I finally got to hear a proper release by this band under their current banner. As I said before, this band is no mere throwback thrash band and they are no gimmick. You can hear the love of thrash metal within each song from the very first riffs of this album you can tell that this band is the future of thrash metal. If you want the best representation of good modern thrash, look no further.