Draghkar – World Unraveled

California’s Draghkar is a death metal band that has released a three song demo through Witchhammer Productions and Blood Harvest Records entitled World Unraveled; and let me tell you that these guys are serious about what they are doing. What we have hear is a mix of several different influences, from Swedish death metal to even some Finnish death metal in there. What I do hear is some gritty, nasty death metal that that with a little work (and some solos, guys) this band will turn out to be one of the heavy hitters of the genre.

“Wings Over Malkier” kicks things off with some serious blasts and some pummeling riffs. The vocals are your standard low guttural growls and the riffs include some killer tremolos as well as straight up death riffs. The production is a bit muddy but actually rather good for a demo. The songs are short and to the point with all three of them not even getting near the three minute mark. As I said before, the only thing missing from this song (as well as the other two) is a shredding death metal solo.

“Cowering in the Town of Blinded Eyes” is a less than two and a half minutes long but that’s long enough to beat you to a bloody pulp. The riffs are infectious and just slay from beginning to end.┬áThe title track of the album rounds out this extremely short but effective demo. This song is not as fast or as punishing as the previous two but it is still a massive song. It’s starts with an almost death doom riff that just pounds. There is a bit of blasting in the mix but for the most part this is a bit slower. The riffs are fucking massive and just keep coming.

Good new death metal is a rare find these days but this California duo (bass is handled by a session guy) seem destined for some great things ahead. My only real complaint is no solos. They could tighten up a bit but not too tight because that nasty grittiness is what makes them attractive. If you like your death metal mean and nasty then this is right up your alley. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this band, I suggest you do the same. Support this young band.