Hellripper – Coagulating Darkness

There seems to be a new movement in metal seeing that there are a lot of blackened speed metal bands popping up all over the place and it’s actually quite an interesting movement. One of those bands is Aberdeen, Scotland’s Hellripper. This one man project by James McBain reared it’s ugly head in 2014 and after a few EPs and demos, Mr. McBain has finally released his debut full length, Coagulating Darkness. With a title like that you know that this is going to be evil, nasty heavy metal. Well, let me tell you that this guy delivers…and then some.

Kicking things off in great form is “Bastard of Hades.” This song is the perfect album opener. Just over two and a half minutes, the riffs just pummel you with their power and intensity. Being that this is a one man project, the sheer talent of this guy is amazing. The guitar work is great with the riffing kicking your teeth in and the solos have a true old school vibe to them. You’re not even recovered from that ass whoopin’ when “Anneliese” comes along and kicks your ass even harder. Once again, the riffs do the talking here. The vocals on this, as well as all of the songs, are black metal rasps. This song is based on a true story about Anneliese Michel whose family believed she was possessed and had a priest perform an exorcism on her. This isĀ one of my favorites on this album

The rest of the album is more of the same….ass kicking speed metal with monster riffs and killer solos. The album is not that long being just over twenty six and a half minutes but each moment is just sheer metal greatness. “Within the Everlasting Hellfire” is another song that needs mention here because it just shreds. The riffs are infectious and the solo is an absolute shredder. One thing that really sticks with me about this album is that this album makes your skip button obsolete. There is not a bad song on this album. Each song kicks your ass as much, if not more, than the last one. “Conduit Closing” ranks up there as a favorite of mine just because of the sheer speed and intensity. The riffs are fast and dirty and the solo is just godly as fuck.

The title track closes out this monster of an album. This song is over five minutes and adds a bit of an epic feel to this album. Beginning slow and doomy it picks it up to go beyond light speed to ludicrous speed! This song will have the pictures coming off your walls and is an amazing way to end this brilliant album. My only complaint about this album is that there isn’t more of it. This album is fast, evil, mean, and dirty….and it’s essential!