Possession – Exorkizein

Possession are blackened death metal band from Belgium. Formed in 2012 they released some demos and EPs before releasing their debut full length, Exorkizein. This band could more easily be summed up as sounding like blackened Swede-death in places. The guitars are low and buzzin’ in most places while the mixture of death metal and black metal riffs add another dimension to this band’s sound. But what I like most about this album is that it has an eerie and dark atmosphere that adds an epic quality to it. The songs are rather epic in that five out of the seven songs on this rather short album are over five minutes long; with one even pushing over seven and a half minutes. Does this formula create a coherent album? For the most part it does quite well.

“Sacerdotium” kicks things off and you immediately hear that low buzz and an even doom sounding opening riff before the blasts take over. Imagine black metal riffs with that low buzz guitar. The vocals are a black metal rasp rather than a shriek which fits the music well. The song is truly catchy and it’s five and a half minutes fly by because the song is just so huge. The dark atmosphere draws you in. There’s even a little thrash riffing in there. This is the perfect song to get things going here. “Infestation – Manifestation – Possession” follows it up and is another beast of a song that just pummels you with it’s speed and furious riffs. Once again you have this huge song that has that epic feel.

The only true complaint I have about this album is the last minute of “Beat of Prey” and the first forty-five seconds of “In Vain.” I’m not sure why the former wanted to end with that strange church music that sounded like it was being played backwards and lead right into the spoken intro of the latter but it just seemed out of place and interrupted the flow just a bit. However, the songs themselves are good songs. “In Vain” especially needs mention because of how it changes the pace a bit; being a more slow, epic doom inspired song during the first half. It picks up pace in the middle but all in all this song is another huge song. The riffing is dark and dreary and fits with the rest of the atmosphere of the song.

I enjoy good finds and 2017 has exposed me to some really cool music by young and relatively unknown bands. Possession has been added to that list.  With songs this catchy and the ability to create such cool atmosphere, I’m curious to see what the next chapter is with this band. Get this album….you’re welcome.