Eoront – Another Realm

Eoront is an atmospheric black metal band from Siberia that, up until  few days ago, I had never heard of. Formerly a one man project and now a quartet the band is the brainchild of George “Foltath Eternum” Gabrielian. With his new line up solidified the band released their sophomore release, Another Realm. Not being familiar with the band’s previous work I must say that upon hearing this album I was quite surprised as to how good it is. Epic, melodic, aggressive, and with tons of atmosphere, this album made me an instant fan of this band. The more I listen to this album, the better it gets.

The album starts off with “The Rain.” Almost half of this song sounds like an intro being that it’s very ambient with just some keys before it kicks in around the three and a half minute mark. When it does kick in, the tremolos just mix right into the keyboard intro and the blast beats come in melting together to make an epic sound. A great way to open an album. One thing that hits me right off is how this guy can write huge, epic songs. There’s plenty of great riffs on this album but the keyboards are just as important here. That’s where that huge, epic atmosphere comes from. But it’s how they execute it that makes it work. That last couple of minutes of “Two Worlds” is some of the best shit I’ve heard in a while.

“Genesis” is a rather odd song being that they seem to be channeling modern Enslaved with some of the more progressive riffs and sounds on this song. It’s actually a good song. I think it’s that 70s synthesizer sound that makes the song. Not really one of those huge epic songs, it still did not take away from the flow of the album. “The Glow” brought it all back. Another huge epic song, halfway through it slowed down to this beautiful acoustic passage before this huge epic part right before ending with just some keys.. The mix of beauty and aggression here is spot on.

“The Order of the Light” is the album closer and it’s also the where this album hits it’s peak. The song is absolutely brilliant starting off epic and huge while it flows to a slower pace with a part that reminds me of Drudkh a bit. It picks up the pace a bit before the song just fades out with some ambient keys. The album ends just like it begins. This album is over an hour long with no song under seven minutes; and even then, when the album fades out you still want to hear more. That’s how good this guy’s songs are.

So, as fate would have it, I did find out about this band…and I am very glad I did. This is how epic, atmospheric black metal is done. Each song is a composition that is crafted to take the listener away from this world and transport them to another. This album caught me completely by surprise. This is essential.