Letal Cross – Maldita nación

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Letal Cross is another of the blackened thrash bands to come out in the past few years. Most of what I heard from those bands is spot on. Joining bands like Hellripper and Whipstriker, these guys are basically taking the underground by storm with their brand of metal. Fast, furious, and laden with killer riffs this band is one to watch for. Formed in 2014, they released a demo single titled, Hijos de la oscuridad and this demo I am reviewing titled, Maldita nación. This four song, fourteen minute demo is blazing fast testament to how hungry this band truly is.

Kicking things off is the pummeling “Falsa Mirada.” This is the longest song on the album and the perfect opener. Opening with some power chords that could almost be a Slayer song, they throw some killer tremolos in their to mix it up. The vocals are a pure black metal shriek that sounds like Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved) from his early days. Choosing their lyrics in their native tongue (Spanish) shows just how uncompromising this band is. The riffs and the speed just hit you from the beginning and these guys do not let up. The solo is speedy without being too technical you will see as you go through this demo all of the bands influences…from Venom to Abigail.

“Hijos de la oscuridad” is the same song as the demo single and let me tell you, this song will kick your teeth in. From the opening riffs all the way to the end this song just slays. The riffs are infectious and the tempo is just pure speed. The title track is the final track and is just as monstrous as the rest of the songs on this demo. What these guys can accomplish in fourteen minutes is something to behold. And to top it all off, the production is actually quite good. The sound is not muddied or in any way lo-fi. In fact it actually has an old school vibe to the sound.

So where do they go from here? This band has two demos under their belt and, with the right exposure, could break out from the underground. It’s been almost two years since this demo was released and I am quite curious to see what the future brings to this band. Highly recommended for true metal heads.