Ordeals – Apotheosis

Every once in a while something just falls into your lap and it turns out to be an unexpected surprise. New York City’s Ordeals is what I’m referring to. There is not a lot of information on this band but one thing is certain, they are quite talented and headed for some good things. Their debut EP, Apotheosis, was released in April, 2016 and is a little over twenty three and a half minutes of dark, doomy black/death metal. To compare them to any one band would be next to impossible. They mix black, death, and doom metal in such a way that it made me seriously take notice.

The riffs on this EP are plentiful and vicious. Going from black/death tremolos to some seriously dark doom riffs. Album opener, “Carving A New Face,” is a good example but it is its follow up, “The Ascendant” that really made me take notice. This song is epic as fuck and the riffs just flow. Starting with some straight up black metal tremolos, it flows to a more death/doom tremolo riff. It’s the way they use these riffs and the way they flow from one tempo to another that made this my favorite on the EP and shows what these guys are really made of.

The vocals on this EP are mostly low guttural death growls; sometimes reminding me of Johan Hegg and sometimes reminding me of Mickael Akerfeldt from his Bloodbath days. They fit the music well, especially on some of the slower doomy stuff like “Goddess of Time.” The EP closer, “Sovereign,” is a seven minute epic that begins with some heavy doom riffs along with some melodic leads played over it before it picks up the pace and the black tremolos kick in. Once again, the flow from one style to another is flawless. There’s even a choir singing in Russian before a heavy as fuck doom riff takes the song to the end.

Ordeals do their own thing, and they do it well. They have the perfect formula for a great band, songwriting and execution. The songs are interesting and they really play with conviction and skill. I’m really interested to see what the future brings for this band. Highly recommended!