Iron Savior – Kill or Get Killed

Iron Savior is one of those bands where you can load every album onto a playlist and just let it go…I dare you not to have a good time! The announcement of a new album from Piet Sielck and company gets me just as excited as the first time I heard them back around ’99. I had picked up Interlude (EP) and was hooked! It’s a somewhat different band than in the beginning with the departure of Kai Hansen in 2001 but that has not stopped them from churning out album after album of quality metal since that time. Their tenth studio album of new music is Kill of Get Killed and they indeed killed it on this album. How do they do keep cranking out such great metal time and time again?

Now I’ve seen it said that Iron Savior just releases the same album over and over again and I highly disagree with that. Sure they have their “sound” but doesn’t every band? You know when you hear a King Diamond song, right? What this band does is stick to a tried and true formula that they execute perfectly.  This is album follows that formula with songs like the title track and album opener, “Kill or Get Killed.” This is a speed metal song with Iron Savior’s knack for inserting killer melodies and brilliant choruses. This is how a metal album should begin…kick your teeth in right out of the shoot. This is already considered one of this band’s best songs to date. A killer opener sets the tone for the rest of the album and each song on this album follows suit.

As I dive deeper into the album it becomes apparent that this album is far superior to the album preceding it. Not to take anything away from Titancraft, this album just has better songs. The songs on this album have the old school Iron Savior feel. “Eternal Quest” rips into with a killer riff only to bring it down to start the verse. As the verse approaches the bridge the riffs kick in leading to a killer bridge. Now you’re all warmed up from that the chorus kicks in. This is classic Iron Savior. The hooks, the melodies, everything that made me loves this band. This album is metal as fuck. Each song is fist pumping metal anthem. “Stand Up and Fight” will have you throwing horns and headbanging, guaranteed. But the highlight of this album is “Until We Meet Again.” This song is fucking brilliant. It starts melodic and almost ballad like. It’s simple but huge at the same time. The verses melodic and quiet building as the song reaches a crescendo at the chorus. As we progress the song takes another turn leading to an amazing solo.

Here’s the bottom line, when I want to listen to killer traditional heavy metal I know that one of my go to bands is Iron Savior. Even at their weakest, they still make great metal. Kill or Get Killed just happens to be an excellent return to form after one of their “weaker” moments. Every song on this album is metal as fuck. Even the cover of AC/DC’s “Sin City” is actually quite cool. No, this is not blazing any trails because it’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to satisfy that metal fix when I need one…which is most of the time! There are certain bands I listen to once a day…Iron Savior being one of them. They just gave me ten more songs to add to that playlist. Thanks guys!!