If you’ve reached this page, you are probably interested in having me review your music. Please read all of the following before submitting your request. Include all necessary information.

I want you to know, here, and now, that I respect the privacy of your work. When I accept the request to review your music, I am also agreeing to not share, in any form, any of your proprietary information, unless you have already given me permission to do so. I will never sell, give away, or pre-release anyone’s work. I will never provide download links to your music in any form (other websites, torrents, private links on my own site, etc)

All of my reviews include a video/mp3 for one song from the Album I am reviewing. If you have a preference for the video/mp3, please include the link in your request. If you do not submit a link, I will link my people to whichever video/mp3 you have publicly available. If I am doing a review, pre-release of any public mp3, please consider including a sample mp3 you would like people to hear, with permission for me to share with my people.

All of my reviews include a link to one of the Artist’s Social Media Profiles. Please include the link you would like me to use. (Facebook/Soundcloud/Website/Etc.) If you do not submit a link, I will link my people to the easiest place for them to purchase/download your music.

I do not get paid for good reviews. My reviews are always based  in integrity and honesty. If I don’t like your music, I’m going to tell people I don’t like your music. Nothing personal. You wanted an honest review from an Elitist Metalhead, you’re going to get one. 

If you continue, you’ll be taken to a page that will provide you with all of the information you need to submit your review. 

Thank You.

The Elitist Metalhead